Home+Shield – An Ideal UV Technology to Sanitize Your Household Goods

Amidst the outbreak of novel coronavirus cases in  India, the government and other public authorities have been promoting various directions to keep ourselves safe from the highly contagious virus. Some of the primary ways to protect yourself from Covid-19 is to wash your hands at regular basis as well as carry hand sanitizers when stepping out to buy groceries, vegetables and other essential items. But the fact is, it will take a long time to disappear the fear in terms of the grocery items and how they can make them virus-free, sanitize & safe to eat.

There is a powerful & proven solution to that, A Gurugram-based company has developed a device, which disinfects daily objects and kills Covid-19 virus in just in 3 minutes using UVC light. The device, which goes by the name Home Shield, is a portable UV disinfection chamber which can help protect from Covid-19, bacteria and other germs/pathogens. the device can disinfect fruits and vegetables, Electronics devices, kitchen utensils, clothes, grocery items, packages foods, slippers etc as well as Infant and children Products.

 How does Home+Shield work in disinfecting the objects?

 This UV Sanitization Box uses chemical-free multi focal UV Light exposure, covering 100% surface of the items placed inside the oven from 360 degrees. An uv disinfection treatment duration of only 3 minutes shall be sufficient enough to sanitize and disinfect the surfaces properly. Sometimes, it depends on the object being placed for disinfection.

How to operate the Home Shield?

The Home Shield is proven Covid Fighter UV Antiviral Sanitizer Box & is available in capacity of 70 litre currently with Operating Voltage Range, 230V. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to operate it:

Step 1: Place the cabinet on any flat surface near a normal power socket.

Step 2: Open the side door and place items to be disinfected such as groceries, masks, house hold items etc on the metal surface, next to each other with some space between each item.

Step 3: Turn on the pre-programmed safety switch which starts the disinfection cycle along with the UV Light Indicator.

Once the disinfection is complete, you can take out the items from the cabinet.

Why it has become very crucial to disinfect household item?

With the country touching more than 1 Cr mark in the number of positive coronavirus cases along with more the 10 lakhs deaths, it is very crucial to protect oneself from the highly contagious virus & is extremely imperative. Especially when the deadly C-virus can survive on any surface for a significant period of time, increasing the risk of contracting the disease many times.

From dairy, fruits, vegetables to groceries, there are plenty of products delivered at our doorsteps which aren’t exactly sanitize. According to the World Health Organization, it is not certain how long the novel coronavirus will remain on various surfaces. As per some of the studies, it may remain on surfaces for a few hours to a few days. 

While we have clear guidelines about washing our hands, wearing face coverings and social distancing, the exactly same thing needs to be done with the packages, mail and food items that we get from outside.

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