How to use Ultraviolet light (UV-C) effectively in Antimicrobial Sanitizer Box, to fight Coronavirus

With the entire world making constant efforts to become accustomed to the ‘new normal’ after the spread of viruses, there is a dire need for technologies today that will come as a shield to us. During this time, when working- from- home, use of masks, and social distancing have become acceptable standards, the importance of disinfecting and hygiene has got highlighted due to pandemic like never before. Due to this, government and Global businesses are coming up with various sanitization practices, one amongst which is the invention of “COVID fighter UV Antimicrobial Sanitizer Box”.

What is Ultraviolet Light?

The next thing which would have to the mind- What is UV? Ultraviolet lights have been proved to be uber effective and highly promising when it comes to offering efficacious disinfectant for the surfaces, but all UV based sanitizing machines are not useful. For disinfection, the optimal wavelength required for a UV based Antimicrobial Sanitizer Box can be in the range of 250 nm- 275 nm. To identify the efficacy of Ultraviolet light as opposed to microbes, some of the primary factors include power intensity, wavelength, and exposure period.

Is it feasible for the UV lights to identify and kill the Coronavirus?

Although, wavelength and power are the key factors engineers contemplate to design a UV Antimicrobial Sanitizer Box. The radiation pattern, wavelength, and viewing angle offer discernment is responsible for the design and control system.

Homeshield: COVID-19 fighter

Homeshield is a COVID fighter UV Antimicrobial Sanitizer Box. It is uber effective, safe, and eco -friendly, with a killer 254 nm UVC wavelength and a controlled spectrum. It takes less than 3 minutes to kill all harmful microbes. It has no reflective surfaces or glass installed, which in effect renders any UV treatment futile. The product is chemicals – free and is tested by reputed German and Indian Labs. It is Single touch Operable, safe, and quick. It is also reliable & for all types of harmful microbes around us. All that is required from your end is to simply plug, play, and have a safe and sound sanitization machine.

To sum up, we reassure you that prior to launching in market Home Shield- A COVID fighter UV Antimicrobial Sanitizer Box was tried and tested multiple times to make it uber safe and easy to operate for the users. The machine is equipped with simple automation features that are far better than the other similar products available. Your safety is our priority and henceforth, we would like to ensure it via our highly dependable product from Home Shield.

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